Our mission is to capture the beneficial essence of nature to craft nurturing self-care products for daily beauty regimen.

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Daniel (White T-shirt) and Mateo.

Hi, these are Daniel and Mateo.

Mateo... is the science behind Aluna. He formulates each product down to the molecule with his knowledge as a Chemical Engineer, coupled with his passion for developing green formulations.
"My vision is to create products that express the herbs' ultimate benefits sustainably."

Daniel, who has a bachelor in strategic communication, is enthusiastic and passionate about the world of medicinal herbalism.
"Through my work in strategic communications, I realized that our society lacks responsible products for our daily use, that's why we have created a natural experience based on our knowledge and our contribution to nature."


We named our company Aluna to honor our heritage in the tropical paradise of Colombia. We were inspired by the indigenous tribe Kogi, who believes in being stewards of the land they call home and feel responsible for protecting the environment. The mother earth, "Aluna", goddess of everything around us: The forests, mountains, rivers, where the sun was born, where the moon illuminates - everything is Aluna. Following the legacy of the Kogi, we want you to join us on this journey. Feel Aluna, live Aluna, love in Aluna. 

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The lost city (Ciudad Perdida Sierra Nevada Santa Marta- Colombia)

Enjoy and embrace the beauty. Most importantly, understand that inherent to nature is the gift of giving and receiving. Everything you receive becomes a blessing

Aluna Herbal Care


Our symbol represents various aspects of Pacha-mama: 
🌱The triangle represents fire, trinity, and the mountains (our heritage).
🌱The leaves symbolize the biodiversity, sustainable processes, and our compromise with nature.
🌱The circle. Image of the earth, unity, perfection, community, energy.

We are one with everything surrounding us; we were born from the same essence. We are mirrors and parts of the same universe.

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Best Quality

Our goal is to select the best materials that are considered natural, harmless, green, non-toxic, fair trade, and then formulate them into cosmetics skincare.

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We choose the most valuable constituents from herbs, study their properties, their molecules, and their chemical affinity.

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95% of our containers are made of glass or aluminum, which can be recycled infinite times.

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Made with love

Every step is manually performed by us. We are always conscious of treating every product as a Queen.