Our Story


The lost city, Santa Marta, Colombia.
Aluna Herbal Care is the creative dream of Daniel and Mateo. Their mission is to capture the beneficial essence of pure nature to craft nurturing and healing products for daily beauty regimen.
Mateo is the science behind Aluna. He formulates each product down to the molecule with his expert knowledge as a professional Chemical Engineer and his passion for plants. Mateo is very meticulous regarding crafting green formulation, the sources of the ingredients, extraction processes down to filling the sterilized containers. He is conscious about circular economy and fully sustainable processes.
All Designs, packaging, customer service, products production… Sparkled with ideas and knowledge of herbs, Daniel, who has academia and professional experiences in Communications. In recent years, he has been working in the world of medicinal herbalism. Daniel has become attuned to the healing and nourishing benefits of nature. He is passionate about excellent customer service and connecting people with the products they need for optimal beauty skin care regimen. Aluna Herbal Care is woven by Daniel to assure effectiveness with highest products quality to benefit the customers’ needs and friendly to the environment. He puts his love into every order.
We named our company Aluna to honor our heritage in the tropical paradise of Colombia. We were inspired by the indigenous tribe “Kogi”, who believes in being stewards of the land they call home and feel responsible for protecting the environment. The mother earth, "Aluna", goddess of everything around us: The forests, mountains, rivers, where the sun was born, where the moon illuminates - everything is Aluna. Following the legacy of the Kogi, we want you to join us on this journey. Feel Aluna, live Aluna, love in Aluna. Enjoy and embrace the beauty. Most importantly, understand that inherent to nature is the gift of giving and receiving. Everything you receive becomes a blessing.
Welcome and thank you!